Problem Substance Use


Recent research shows that attorneys are at a heightened risk to develop problems with substance use. Misusing alcohol, prescription medication, opiates, stimulants, marijuana, or other substances can threaten health and productivity, can interfere with jobs, school, and relationships, and can lead to substance use disorders.  Alcohol and other drug disorders are progressive, chronic diseases that only get worse over time without help.  Fortunately, when properly addressed these conditions can be successfully managed and treated, often before you experience significant consequences.  If you are concerned about your (or someone else’s) relationship with alcohol or other drugs, the OAAP can provide confidential counseling, ongoing support (including recovery support groups for lawyers, law students, and judges), or referrals to other health professionals to make sure you get the help you need. OAAP counselors can also assist with other challenging behaviors such as gambling, pornography, and problematic use of food, the Internet, or sex. Your call is confidential.