We sometimes find that our most important and meaningful relationships are adversely impacted as we work toward satisfying our obligations and responsibilities as lawyers.  When we experience relationship issues such as marital discord, divorce, disagreements with family members, conflicts with friends or colleagues, or family stress, it can interfere with our ability to function effectively. These experiences can be particularly exacerbated when our response to the stresses and demands of our work is to excessively use alcohol and other substances. Maintaining positive, healthy relationships and a solid support system are essential to lawyer well-being. If you, or someone you care about, are seeking to strengthen personal or professional relationships; need help navigating through a difficult family change, including a divorce or separation; or need help addressing interpersonal conflicts at work, OAAP attorney counselors can help. We can provide a comfortable and confidential opportunity to talk about your relationships. We can help you strategize ways to address your concerns and strengthen your connections. We will support you during the process. Your call is confidential.