Things to Do While Sheltering in Place

Things to Do While Sheltering in Place

By Shari Pearlman

Working remotely and practicing physical/responsible distancing from friends and family is teaching me a lot! As an extrovert, I have learned that three hours of people contact time each day is quite satisfying, and I can achieve that through phone and Zoom most days. Like many of you, I am still working full time. I have also been exploring the Internet, reading my Sunday New York Times, and reading some books and magazines. There is a ton out there to learn, explore, and enjoy. In the Sunday New York Times travel section this week, the editors noted that we can take virtual trips to other countries and cities, as well as peer into country inns and hotels.

For some of us, this is a great time to try something new. Some of my friends are learning languages, while I am growing microgreens in my kitchen. For others, it is a time to reacquaint ourselves with the old and familiar and savor what we have.

The most comprehensive list of things to do while sheltering in place that I found was originally created by the Indiana Lawyer Assistance Program called JLAP. I have modified their list (with their permission) and added some stuff that you might like.

Keeping Sane While Sheltering in Place Resource (PDF)

Enjoy your explorations and please call me or us at the OAAP if you feel stuck: 503.226.1057.


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