Helping Lawyers in Need

About OLAF

The Oregon Lawyer Assistance Foundation (OLAF) assists lawyers unable to pay for the treatment they need. OLAF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency providing financial need-based grants and loans to Oregon lawyers to defray some or all of the expenses of treatment for alcoholism, chemical dependency, mental health issues, or other impairment.

Lawyers who need OLAF’s financial assistance can apply for a loan or grant through the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program. (Treatment is outside the scope of services offered by the OAAP.)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oregon Lawyer Assistance Foundation (OLAF) provides grants and loans to Oregon lawyers who need financial help in order to obtain the addiction or mental health treatment they need.
All OLAF money comes from private donations. Donations come from a wide range of sources. This includes sole practitioners, large firms, small and medium-sized firms, as well as contributions from family members or friends who wish to commemorate a special occasion or donate in honor or memory of a loved one.
Applications for loans or grants are brought to OLAF through the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program. OLAF requires that the applicant: 1) is a member of the Oregon State Bar, 2) accesses the OAAP for assistance, 3) meets the financial need criteria, and 4) be willing to give back to OLAF when able. The applicant's identity is protected by the OAAP.
Most Oregon lawyers needing financial assistance for mental health or addiction treatment have been significantly impacted by their disease and, as a result, they've lost much of their legal practice and are deeply in debt. In many instances, the lawyer has no insurance coverage, or cannot afford the required copayment. In other instances, due to substantial state and county budget cuts, social services are not available to meet the lawyer's treatment needs.
OLAF money is used for treatment and treatment-related expenses including in-patient treatment, psychiatric counseling, out-patient treatment, and follow-up addiction care.
A donation can be made to honor someone, in memory of someone, anonymously, or by a person or law firm. Donations can be made online via the "Donate" link above. Thank you!

Thanks to Our Donors

Donations to OLAF make a difference in the lives of Oregon lawyers who are suffering from an illness they cannot afford to treat. Contributions are tax-deductible. For more information about OLAF, or to make a donation, contact Teresa A. Statler.

To make a donation, click on the donate online link on this page.