Help for Someone Else

Are you concerned about the well-being of a colleague, family member, staff person, law partner, or other member of the legal community? Whether there appears to be a problem with alcohol, marijuana, opiate, or other drug use; compulsive disorders; depression, anxiety, cognitive issues, or mental health concerns; relationships; or general concerns, your outreach could be the turning point for a person who needs help.

Deciding the Best Approach Together

When you call us, we will work together to decide the best approach to help the person you are concerned about. All information you give to us is confidential.

Outreach is often more effective when it comes directly from someone the person knows. We can help you develop the skills and confidence to approach the person yourself. Or, if it seems best, we can discuss effective ways for the OAAP to talk directly with the person. 

We will also ask whether you want us to reveal your specific concern to the person. If you don't want us to reveal your name, we won't. We can reach out confidentially and offer our services directly, in which case we cannot inform you about our efforts or any response from the person.

Call today to figure it out together