Douglas S. Querin

Senior Attorney Counselor


After over 25 years with a law firm specializing in state and federal court trial practice, I transitioned … not so much out of the law, but rather into a position where I could combine my legal training, experience, and personal observations with a commitment to helping others in our professional community. I returned to graduate school for three years, received an M.A. in Counseling, and went on to become licensed as a Professional Counselor. Being in recovery and deeply invested in helping others confronting similar struggles, I received additional training to also become certified as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

After being asked to join the OAAP in 2006, it quickly became apparent to me that all of us in the legal community share most of the same strengths and challenges as everyone else. We may get depressed, anxious, fearful, and burned out; we may grieve, get resentful, get angry, and socially isolate ourselves; we may struggle with marriages and significant relationships and face the inevitable problems of the workplace; we may make mistakes and procrastinate; we may struggle with unhealthy behaviors and substance use; we may be disappointed with our careers or be perplexed with questions about retirement.

At the same time, we also share many of life’s successes; we continually seek to improve our lives and, with some resilience and the vital support of others, are each uniquely capable of addressing and overcoming most of our challenges. Helping others in these areas is the most personally rewarding part of my work at the OAAP. In addition to working with clients individually, I also enjoy facilitating work-life balance and healthy habits workshops and presenting seminars on wellness, resilience, and stress management to law firms, professional associations, and law schools throughout the State.

When not working, my greatest pleasure comes from being with family. My wife and I have been married since before law school, and I have two grown daughters, each with families of their own. I try to exercise regularly, read frequently, and struggle constantly to practice what I preach.

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