Introducing the New OAAP Blog, "Thriving Today"

By OAAP Post, June 19, 2021

The OAAP attorney counselors are pleased to bring you current information that you can use to enhance your well-being and provide you with tips and food for thought. On occasion, look for guest writers who will certainly enhance our blog content.

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Below are the posts currently on the blog:

  • June 8 – Why Compassion Matters
  • May 28 – Getting Unstuck from in the Uncertain Place
  • May 20 – The Best 12 Minutes of My Day
  • May 8 – Oregon Legal Community Acts Kindly: The Icing on the Cake to Lawyer Well-Being Week
  • May 6 – Inspiration: A New Breath
  • May 5 – Acts of Kindness Improve Well-Being
  • May 1 – Lawyer Well-Being Week Kickoff
  • April 29 – Meaningful Social Connections and Building a Community
  • April 21 – Now Might Be a Great Time to Start a Meditation Practice (It’s Easier
    Than You Think)
  • April 8 – Things to Do While Sheltering
    in Place
  • April 1 – Moving Beyond Social Distance Towards Expansive Solidarity
  • March 26 – THRIVING…Despite Challenge: A Brief Roadmap for Lawyers
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